100% clean is 100% possible

Meet the people coming together to protect what makes the PNW special.


Clean is closer than you think

We can have 100% clean energy powering our lives and creating good jobs. We can live and work in healthy, efficient, clean buildings,
and we can expand clean transportation choices to get where we need to go.

We're Building to 100% Clean by 2050

% of electricity consumed from renewable energy source
Source: Washington State Department of Commerce / Oregon Department of Energy

A clean energy economy is ready to power our future in the Pacific Northwest. It starts with transitioning our electricity to become 100% fossil-free. From there, we can electrify most of our buildings and transportation needs, and move beyond oil for just about everything else.

Clean in Your Community

Washington electric vehicle owners benefit from the cheap and clean energy that costs an average of 8 cents per KW hour. That is by far the cheapest in the nation.

In the PNW, solar accounts for over 8,000 jobs and 317 employers. (seia.org)

Energy efficiency jobs are the #1 source of employment in the clean energy economy.

Wind power is a huge part of getting the electricity grid to 100% clean in the PNW.

In 2016, wind power accounted for 12.1% of the electricity generated in Oregon and 7.1% generated in Washington.

"You are looking at a little over 44,000 solar panels over 87 acres. We believe this is the future of good business and clean energy in the Pacific Northwest," said Larry Henry, Construction Manager for Saturn Power, at the Tumbleweed Solar Farm just outside Bend.

King County Metro released 11 all-electric buses to its fleet. The buses have zero emissions and charge in just 10 minutes.

100% Clean is 100% Possible

The Pacific Northwest is our home. We care about this place, and doing our part to protect it and realize our dream for a 100% clean energy economy. We use what we need, we build things to last, and we work together to ensure that everyone benefits from a just transition to 100% clean.

We are a growing network of people, groups, community leaders, businesses and others who are committed to a 100% clean energy economy in the Pacific Northwest.

What Does 100% Clean Energy look like for the PNW?

100% Clean Power

A 100% clean, fossil-free electricity grid is the foundation of our clean energy future. That means every time we use electricity, it will come from local, clean and efficient sources of power like hydroelectric, wind, and solar—not coal or fossil gas.

100% Clean Buildings

The buildings where we live and work use a lot of energy and create a lot of pollution. We can make our current buildings more energy efficient, saving on utility bills and repair costs. We can also ensure that new buildings are designed with efficiency and clean energy in mind, and built by a regional workforce with good-paying, permanent jobs.

100% Clean Transporation

We all want affordable, accessible, safe and efficient transportation. This means electrifying as much as we can—our buses, delivery fleets, and cars—and making it easier to walk, bike, or scoot where we need to go. Moving beyond fossil fuels is 100% possible.

We Could be First

The Pacific Northwest can achieve 100% clean energy by 2050. In fact, we’re already halfway there. We can lead the nation on sustainability while strengthening our economy.

You can do something now.

Clean Energy at Home

Small changes can have a big impact.

  • Think big! 100% clean energy is made possible by all of us.
  • Opt out of driving 1-3 times per week—ride your bike, take the bus to work, or walk to the store.
  • Pay less for your energy use by considering energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Support local businesses and shop small.
  • Sign up to show your support for a 100% Clean PNW and share this site.

Clean Energy in Your Community

When we can see 100% clean, we know that it's 100% possible.

  • Take note of energy uses in your community that are still fossil-fueled, and talk with friends about the cleaner future we could choose instead.
  • Find out what local businesses are doing to decrease energy use or source locally.
  • Stay engaged with 100forPNW, read our updates, and follow us online.
  • Let us know about clean energy success stories on your community!

Clean Energy in the Pacific Northwest

Accelerate change through big and bold solutions for our region.

  • Keep tracking climate change issues here at home in the PNW and nationwide.
  • Vote for clean energy and climate champions.
  • Share with your social networks why you’re #100forPNW.

What can you do now?

Seeing is believing—so help by giving a visible boost to the 100% clean energy future we can create together!

A 100% Clean Energy Economy is closer than you think!

Sign on below to show your support for a Pacific Northwest transition to a 100% clean energy economy.

Together we can power our lives with clean energy. We can have clean air, and create more good local jobs.

Our communities can benefit from clean electricity, zero-carbon buildings, and clean, affordable, and efficient transportation choices.

Together, we can declare independence from fossil fuels in the Pacific Northwest.

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